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Transparency International
Biological Passport Forum

Biological Passport and anti-doping researcher Dr. Michael Ashenden, Klaas Faber & Paul J. Hayes will participate in the Panel Discussion.

Transparency International
Come and see the groundbreaking Smart Bike!

Deakin University researcher will unveil their groundbreaking smart bike as part of the New Pathways for Pro Cycling conference in Geelong on Tuesday September 28. Attendance is limited, reserve your place now!

Transparency International
Beyond Doping in the Peloton


The conference will be held in Geelong, Australia to coincide with the World Cycling Championships (Geelong: Wednesday 29 September – Sunday 3 October 2010). The purpose of the conference is to bring together cyclists, administrators, academics, journalists, fans and others to discuss the the future direction of professional cycling as changes occur within the process of its globalisation. For more information click here

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There is no fee for attending the conference but to reserve a place please register as soon as possible.

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I wish I was Twenty One Today

The fascinating 173 page research report interviews current and former cyclists. It gives you an insight into cyclist's lives, the culture of the Peloton, their views on doping, the reasons why it exists, and the ways it can be eradicated.