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Conference Video 1 Opening Address Jane den Hollander Vice Chancellor Deakin Uni

UCI Press Release 30 September re Contador

Adverse analytical finding of Alberto Contador The UCI confirmed today that it has received a report from the laboratory – accredited by WADA – Cologne indicating an adverse analytical finding (presence of clenbuterol) in a urine sample taken from the rider Spanish Alberto Contador during in-competition testing conducted last July 21 at the second rest […]

McQuaid has ‘no objection’ to Landis Presence at New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

There’s an interview with UCI president Pat McQuaid at Cycling News, in which he comments on the presence of Floyd Landis at the New Pathways for Pro Cycling conference: “My only problem is with [Landis's] modus operandi,” McQuaid told the Associated Press. “I am aware that there are other very high profile athletes who have […]

Bike Pure Attend New Cycling Pathways

Press Release 22nd September 2010 from Bike Pure Bike Pure will form part of a panel of representatives speaking at the forthcoming ‘New Pathways for Pro Cycling’ anti-doping conference in Melbourne this coming Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th September. The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together cyclists, administrators, academics, scientists, fans and […]

SKINS Sponsors New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

SKINS Sponsors New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference 21 September 2010 The ‘New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference’, to be held on 27 and 28 September 2010 at Deakin University, Australia, will be sponsored by SKINS. The conference will be held to coincide with the World Cycling Championships. The primary objective is to bring together […]

Statement by Floyd Landis 18 September 2010

As you may know, subsequent to winning the 2006 Tour de France, I failed a drug test and was ultimately disqualified and suspended from professional competition for 2 years. During and following that suspension, I had a fair degree of time to reflect on the decisions made by and for me related to my activities […]

Deakin University Statement on the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

Deakin University welcomes the considerable interest by the cycling community and media in the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference which will take place in Geelong from 27 -28 September 2010. The role and reputation of a university is based on its ability to contribute to informed public debate on matters of importance to society. […]

Committee tells conference organiser to drop drug cheat Floyd Landis

Leo SchlinkFrom Herald Sun September 16, 2010 9:51AM THE spectre of notorious drug cheat Floyd Landis continued to hover over the world road cycling championships in Geelong after it was confirmed the American would appear at a Deakin University conference. The Melbourne 2010 organising committee immediately withdrew its support for the New Pathways for Professional […]

Landis to appear at anti-doping conference in Geelong

Floyd Landis will appear at a conference on doping in professional cycling in Geelong in the week of the world championships. The New Pathways for Professional Cycling conference will be held on September 27 and 28 at Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus in Geelong and Landis will be present to discuss the future of the sport with […]