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Biological Passport – scientists go mud wrestling

The Biological Passport debate is obviously getting heated with both Klaas Faber and Mike Ashenden engaging in a bit of a duel of words this past week. Anyone who has read our report (Chapter 6) will understand that we do not think it is for scientists to decide questions of law. Their role is to […]

The Fate of the Rider’s Commitment to New Cycling Pathway

The Court of Arbitration of Sport has declared the UCI’s Rider’s New Commitment to Cycling as being invalid and unenforceable in the case of UCI v Vinokourov  vino-v-uci.pdf The decision supports the analysis of Horrillo in his Open Letter to Pat McQuaid of 2006.

It’s Not About the Blood – Hardie On Puerto

“This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” Il Gatopardo or The Leopard. “In the history of cycle sport, fabrications crowded out facts from the very outset.” Benjo Maso This […]

On Paco Mancebo and Operacion Puerto – Carlos Arribas

“Operation Puerto”, the police intervention in Madrid against a doping network, was the result of a detective’s curiosity, of a Spanish Guardia Civil police lieutenant who, having broken up a few gangs for counterfeiting and  wholesale distribution of anabolic steroids, wanted to know how the last step was organised, that of the distribution of  substances […]

Conference Videos

The complete set of videos from the conference are available by following this link to our you tube channel.

Contador’s Only Certainty: A Legal Contest of Credibility

Originally published in El Pais  11/10/10  Un desafío legal como l’Alpe d’Huez Paul J. Hayes* While uncertainty hangs over the cycling future of this year’s Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, what is certain is that he has a significant legal battle ahead of him where ultimately he will be required to prove his innocence […]

We are riding like a flock of sheep

This is a statement read out at the conference by Martin Hardie. It is written by a European Professional of the highest level. We are riding like a flock of sheep. As a professional cyclist who is taking part in the world championships this week in Geelong I believe that: The UCI has used the […]

SBS TV Coverage of Floyd Landis speaking at Day 2 of Conference