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The Daily Lance

Daily Lance News 60 Minutes Video One Sixty Minutes Video Two UCI issues press release stated that Tyler Hamilton’s accusations on 60 Minutes were “unfounded.” “The UCI can only confirm that Lance Armstrong has never been notified of a positive test result by any anti-doping laboratory. Aside from the fact that no legal action may […]

The Safety of the Peloton

A moving tribute by Pedro Horrillo to Wouter Weylandt in el Pais. No time for translations but there are some translations of stories by Carlos Arribas on Horrillo’s 2009 Giro crash here on the old blog (one day we will transfer these): My Name is Pedro and La Via Horrillo. Carlos Arribas also has a […]

Why is Cycling Different to other sports?

I am working on some stuff for my thesis -  a line of thought as to why cycling is different from other sports ….. anyone who has any ideas to add or comment on these points can just do so below or send me an email. Obviously, Chapter 7 An Introduction to the Social Peloton […]

What anti-doping policy?

A quick English translation of the article by MARTIN HARDIE that appeared in El Pais on 18/12/2010   When we wrote our report about the attitude of the Australian riders to the system of doping (I wish I was Twenty One Now Beyond Doping in the Australian Peloton) we were guided by the comments of […]