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UCI issues press release stated that Tyler Hamilton’s accusations on 60 Minutes were “unfounded.” “The UCI can only confirm that Lance Armstrong has never been notified of a positive test result by any anti-doping laboratory. Aside from the fact that no legal action may now be taken in respect of events that occurred in 2001, the UCI also wishes to point out that in doping cases it must abide by the rules of evidence; any statutory or scientific evaluation must necessarily be made on the basis of the rules, knowledge and detection methods available at the time. Once again, the UCI wishes to state that no manipulation or cover-up has occurred in respect of its anti-doping procedures. The UCI will continue to defend its honour and credibility by all means available, and reserves the right to take any measures it deems necessary against Mr Hamilton or any other person.”

SI writers who investigated Armstrong for an article in the magazine ask: “Was Armstrong too big to fail?”

USADA may investigate claims against Armstrong for potential sanctions

Aussie lawyer blogger birdie asks Premier of South Australia questions (again)

Tyler’s Lawyer on why he came clean

NY Daily News columnist says recent revelations brought on by fear of perjury charges, not greed

Absolute Punk finds use for yellow bracelets

ESPN’s Bonnie Ford gives her view on the important points from the 60 Minutes broadcast

Guardian summary of the 60 Minutes broadcast

New Yorker writer invokes comparison to Richard Nixon under siege from Watergate for Armstrong

Division among reactions to latest Armstrong accusations

Toronto Star’s Randy Starkman gives an answer to the father of a 12-year-old who asks about Armstrong: “What do I tell him now? Let’s hope he gets to hear the truth.”

NYT Juliet Macur provides insights on Hamilton’s accusations from a variety of sources

NYT George Vecsey says that Armstrong is still innocent until proven guilty

Writer says that Lance writes that the “never tested positive” defense still trumps everything else

Economics professor writes that while Armstrong’s spokesman uses greed to challenge the credibility of witnesses against Lance, the same charge could be made as a reason for Armstrong’s alleged drug use

Bicycling writers give their opinion on the veracity of the newest charges against Armstrong

Aussie writer says that many have already made up their minds regarding Armstrong’s guilt or innocence, but finishes with: “Most of us stopped believing in Santa Claus when we were about five. Perhaps it’s time we stopped believing in Lance as well.”

The big question amid all this speculation is what is going to happen with the Grand Jury impaneled to decide whether or not a case against Armstrong and/or others should go to trial

Armstrong’s sponsors stick by him despite latest allegations Floyd Landis says he knows what Hamilton is going through in making his public confession

We must rely on facts to judge Armstrong writes Dopinglist

More from former Armstrong teammate, Viatcheslav Ekimov on the 60 Minutes allegations

ESPN writer urges Armstrong to “confess”

Blogger writes that “Lance still has the benefit of the doubt, but that doubt is running down swiftly

Blogger believes latest accusations are substantial enough to prove guilt

WSJ writer says that the latest accusations reveal that cycling is “a beautiful sport is haunted by its history”

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