On Whereabouts and the Biological Passport – Making Visible the Invisible Act of Doping.

    Making Visible the Invisible Act of Doping.     This paper describes the construction of the visual space of surveillance by the global anti-doping apparatus, it is a space inhabited daily by professional cyclists. Two principal mechanisms of this apparatus will be discussed – the Whereabouts System and the Biological Passport; in order […]

The Scapegoat, Michael Rasmussen

Book Review: The Scapegoat, About the Expulsion of Michael Rasmussen from the Tour De France 2007 and beyond, Verner Møller , Akaprint, Aarhus, 2011. Martin Hardie The self published English translation of Møller ‘s book on Michael Rasmussen (Møller, Verner. 2010a. Løgn over løgn – om Michael Rasmussens Tour de France exit, Copenhagen, People’s Press) […]

Hein Verbruggen would like to recall the message, “El Pais article”.

From: Hein Verbruggen <Hein.Verbruggen@sportaccord.com> Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:19:50 +0100 To: Martin Hardie <martin.hardie@deakin.edu.au> Cc: Vincent Gaillard <Vincent.Gaillard@sportaccord.com>, Ingrid Beutler <Ingrid.Beutler@sportaccord.com>, Hein Verbruggen <Hein.Verbruggen@sportaccord.com> Subject: El Pais article Dear Mr. Hardie, I refer to an article you have recently written published at: http://www.elpais.com/articulo/deportes/Verbruggen/SA/Dracula/frente/banco/sangre/elpepudep/20111007elpepudep_11/Tes Allow me to express my anger and disappointment that you, as […]

Forms of Law or Anti-Doping and the [Moral] Crisis of Law

A (draft) critique of the rule of law rhetoric in the present context (for a journal) article … Whereabouts are we? In my work on Operacíon Puerto (Hardie 2011) I opened by reference to Verner Møller’s End Of Modernity and the thesis (Møller 2004), which, put briefly, argues that the coming of global anti-doping law […]

Anti-Doping and the two faces of the moral crisis – law and not law.

Text from talk at “Anti-Doping: Rational Policy or Moral Panic” Conference, Aarhus, 18 -19 August 2011. Martin Hardie, School of Law, Deakin University, Australia. (amendments to come)   Is anti-doping policy, or for that matter any other contemporary governmental policy rational? I doubt it. For example, the market, the playing field of the most rational […]

I Wish I was 21 Now – Government Response

The  Office for Sport , Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet  has recently written to Deakin University after considering and accepting the Final Report of the Anti-Doping Research Program (ADRP) project, Doping and Australian professional cycling: attitudes, issues and a pathway to a new approach. The Prime Minister’s Department  noted that: The study provided […]

A Public Seminar on Athletes, Health and Anti-Doping

A Public Seminar on Athletes, Health and Anti-Doping 6 – 9 pm Monday 25 July 2011 Deakin University Melbourne City Centre Level 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne (the Deloitte Building) Moderator Colin Golvan SC (Barrister, Victorian Bar) Speakers Christophe Brissoneau (National Center of Scientific Research – University Paris Descartes, Paris, France) Christophe is a researcher […]

Team Type 1 and Ethics – a post from James Stout

Further to yesterday’s post below is a blog post written by James Stout.   It should be also noted that James is not the first rider to have a difficult time with Team Type 1, Willem Van den Eynde had an equally torrid time last year   This isn’t going to be an easy post […]

The Global Mission of Team Type 1 and the ethics of managing a team

Make up your own mind regarding the treatment of James Stout by Team Type 1, someone they say provided no services to them. As expected no response has been received to the following letter:   Richard H Bennett Kitchens Kelley Gaynes Attorneys at Law Atlanta Georgia, USA. 6 June 2011 Dear Mr Bennett, RE: Team […]

The Daily Lance

Daily Lance News 60 Minutes Video One Sixty Minutes Video Two UCI issues press release stated that Tyler Hamilton’s accusations on 60 Minutes were “unfounded.” “The UCI can only confirm that Lance Armstrong has never been notified of a positive test result by any anti-doping laboratory. Aside from the fact that no legal action may […]

The Safety of the Peloton

A moving tribute by Pedro Horrillo to Wouter Weylandt in el Pais. No time for translations but there are some translations of stories by Carlos Arribas on Horrillo’s 2009 Giro crash here on the old blog (one day we will transfer these): My Name is Pedro and La Via Horrillo. Carlos Arribas also has a […]

Why is Cycling Different to other sports?

I am working on some stuff for my thesis -  a line of thought as to why cycling is different from other sports ….. anyone who has any ideas to add or comment on these points can just do so below or send me an email. Obviously, Chapter 7 An Introduction to the Social Peloton […]

What anti-doping policy?

A quick English translation of the article by MARTIN HARDIE that appeared in El Pais on 18/12/2010   When we wrote our report about the attitude of the Australian riders to the system of doping (I wish I was Twenty One Now Beyond Doping in the Australian Peloton) we were guided by the comments of […]

I Wish I was Twenty One Now – Final Report

As part of the project Doping and Australian Professional Cycling: Attitudes, Issues and a Pathway to a New Approach which gave rise to the report I wish I was Twenty One Now Beyond – Doping in the Australian Peloton we have submitted our final report to the Australian government. It is available here: ADRP Final Project […]

Valjavec CAS Decision

  For those interested the CAS decision in Valjavec is available:  Valjavec CAS award. We referred to the Slovenian Olympic Committee decision in our report I wish I was Twenty One Now Beyond Doping in the Australian Peloton. Having only had time to scan it this morning it appears that the link between reliable evidence […]

Anti-Doping and the two faces of the moral crisis.

“Anti-Doping: Rational Policy or Moral Panic” Conference, Aarhus, 18 -19 August 2011. Anti-Doping and the two faces of the moral crisis. Abstract. Martin Hardie, School of Law, Deakin University, Australia. I have previously discussed the manner in which anti-doping policy is played out within the society of the spectacle as a form of just war, […]

Cyclists, Anti Doping and Medical Monitoring – a better approach?

  In the Report “I Wish I was Twenty One Now” one of the disparities between the institutional and cyclists’ perspectives on anti-doping highlighted was the cynicism expressed concerning the rationale of the protection of athlete health. In discussions and interviews with cyclists, administrators and team staff, it became apparent that developing the connection between […]

Riders treated like cattle on wheels: Lowe calls for more protection

Rupert Guinness, the first journalist to report Trent Lowe’s side of the story after he was smeared by Jonathan Vaughters’ blackmail spray, has a commendable story in the Sydney Morning Herald today, reproduced in a slightly different form in The Age. In the articles Trent is quoted saying amongst other things: Riders must know how […]

Transparency International

The Trent Lowe / Jonathan Vaughters Dispute – Some Background Facts (Note for the avoidance of doubt I am not the author of this: Martin Hardie) The Contract and Mr Lowe’s Health Issues 1)                 On or during August 2007, Mr Lowe, as the Rider, and Slipstream Sports LLC (“Slipstream Sports”), as the Employer, entered into […]

RIP Imran Akuji The Pillar of Mozambican Cycling

This morning I got this email from a friend in Maputo, Mozambique Dear Martin I write to you with very sad news. Our dear friend Imran passed away today, he was hit by a car while riding his bike near Boane. It happened after a race, he was riding alone a car hit him violently. […]

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO FLOYD. An interview with Floyd Landis by Paul Kimmage.

Landis/Kimmage Paul Kimmage interviewed Floyd Landis a few days before Thanksgiving of ’10. Their 7 hour conversation was distilled into Kimmage’s Sunday Times article published yesterday, meant for a general audience. Kimmage, however, felt that Landis’ detailed views on cycling needed to be aired, so he offered us the transcript of their interview. Naturally we […]

I Wish I was Twenty One Now Presentation at Aarhus University, Denmark

I Wish I was Twenty One Now Presentation at Aarhus University, Denmark English Translation: Wednesday 24 November at 13-15 with visiting scholar Martin Hardie, Deakin University in Geelong, Australia Lecture: I Wish I was twenty-one now. Martin Hardie will present his recently completed research on athletes’ views about doping and professional cycling. Hardie’s lecture will […]


MR.ADAMS* By Pedro Horrillo original published in El Pais in Spanish Mr. Adams entered my life at the same moment as we started the new year, on January 1st, 2008. To tell the truth, I never approved of him, but he didn’t seem to care: he had come to stay and was aware that I […]

The Swarm and the Social Peloton

The Swarm, by Patrick Bohan, originally published in The Ride Journal, must be one of the most beautiful pieces of cycling writing in a  long time.  It echoes on another level what we have tried to come to grips with in our Introduction to the Social Peloton in our report “I Wish I was Twenty […]

The Biological Passport, New Cycling Pathways and Real Peloton Podcast 33

There is some more new cycling pathways conference coverage and commentary on the Real Peloton Podcast No. 33. It is all good listening as usual but the Biological Passport discussion commences at about 50 minutes into the podcast.

An interactionist study of phenomenon of doping.

An interactionist study of phenomenon of doping.  How and why did physicians create this standard ? How did sportsmen receive it and decide to use doping ? Download pdf: Intervention Copenhagen By Christophe Brissoneau, Research Center Sense Ethics Society (National Center of Scientific Research – University Paris Descartes). A Paper delivered at the Body enhancement […]

The curiosity of physiologists – how the beat the anti-doping controls.

Carlos Arribas, El Pais, 15 November 2010. The curiosity of physiologists, it involves a fascination to see how performance can be increased, animals first, then later people, by increasing the amount of oxygen that their blood could carry, led in the 1980′s to the major qualitative transformation of doping. Now, well into this century, when […]

From Barthes to Foucault and beyond – Cycling in the Age of Empire.

A paper to be delivered at FOUCAULT: 25 YEARS ON CONFERENCE – UNI SA , 25 JUNE 2009. From Barthes to Foucault and beyond – Cycling in the Age of Empire. Martin Hardie May 2009 ‘Whilst the onomania lasted, bickerings and divisions endured.’ Barthes is right in that he tells us that there is an […]

Biological Passport – scientists go mud wrestling

The Biological Passport debate is obviously getting heated with both Klaas Faber and Mike Ashenden engaging in a bit of a duel of words this past week. Anyone who has read our report (Chapter 6) will understand that we do not think it is for scientists to decide questions of law. Their role is to […]

The Fate of the Rider’s Commitment to New Cycling Pathway

The Court of Arbitration of Sport has declared the UCI’s Rider’s New Commitment to Cycling as being invalid and unenforceable in the case of UCI v Vinokourov  vino-v-uci.pdf The decision supports the analysis of Horrillo in his Open Letter to Pat McQuaid of 2006.

It’s Not About the Blood – Hardie On Puerto

“This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.” Il Gatopardo or The Leopard. “In the history of cycle sport, fabrications crowded out facts from the very outset.” Benjo Maso This […]

On Paco Mancebo and Operacion Puerto – Carlos Arribas

“Operation Puerto”, the police intervention in Madrid against a doping network, was the result of a detective’s curiosity, of a Spanish Guardia Civil police lieutenant who, having broken up a few gangs for counterfeiting and  wholesale distribution of anabolic steroids, wanted to know how the last step was organised, that of the distribution of  substances […]

Conference Videos

The complete set of videos from the conference are available by following this link to our you tube channel.

Contador’s Only Certainty: A Legal Contest of Credibility

Originally published in El Pais  11/10/10  Un desafío legal como l’Alpe d’Huez Paul J. Hayes* While uncertainty hangs over the cycling future of this year’s Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, what is certain is that he has a significant legal battle ahead of him where ultimately he will be required to prove his innocence […]

We are riding like a flock of sheep

This is a statement read out at the conference by Martin Hardie. It is written by a European Professional of the highest level. We are riding like a flock of sheep. As a professional cyclist who is taking part in the world championships this week in Geelong I believe that: The UCI has used the […]

SBS TV Coverage of Floyd Landis speaking at Day 2 of Conference

Biological Passport Forum 4

Biological Passport Forum Part 3

Biological Passport Forum Part 2

Biological Passport Forum Part 1

Conference Video 1 Opening Address Jane den Hollander Vice Chancellor Deakin Uni

UCI Press Release 30 September re Contador

Adverse analytical finding of Alberto Contador The UCI confirmed today that it has received a report from the laboratory – accredited by WADA – Cologne indicating an adverse analytical finding (presence of clenbuterol) in a urine sample taken from the rider Spanish Alberto Contador during in-competition testing conducted last July 21 at the second rest […]

McQuaid has ‘no objection’ to Landis Presence at New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

There’s an interview with UCI president Pat McQuaid at Cycling News, in which he comments on the presence of Floyd Landis at the New Pathways for Pro Cycling conference: “My only problem is with [Landis's] modus operandi,” McQuaid told the Associated Press. “I am aware that there are other very high profile athletes who have […]

Bike Pure Attend New Cycling Pathways

Press Release 22nd September 2010 from Bike Pure Bike Pure will form part of a panel of representatives speaking at the forthcoming ‘New Pathways for Pro Cycling’ anti-doping conference in Melbourne this coming Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th September. The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together cyclists, administrators, academics, scientists, fans and […]

SKINS Sponsors New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

SKINS Sponsors New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference 21 September 2010 The ‘New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference’, to be held on 27 and 28 September 2010 at Deakin University, Australia, will be sponsored by SKINS. The conference will be held to coincide with the World Cycling Championships. The primary objective is to bring together […]

Statement by Floyd Landis 18 September 2010

As you may know, subsequent to winning the 2006 Tour de France, I failed a drug test and was ultimately disqualified and suspended from professional competition for 2 years. During and following that suspension, I had a fair degree of time to reflect on the decisions made by and for me related to my activities […]

Deakin University Statement on the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference

Deakin University welcomes the considerable interest by the cycling community and media in the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference which will take place in Geelong from 27 -28 September 2010. The role and reputation of a university is based on its ability to contribute to informed public debate on matters of importance to society. […]

Committee tells conference organiser to drop drug cheat Floyd Landis

Leo SchlinkFrom Herald Sun September 16, 2010 9:51AM THE spectre of notorious drug cheat Floyd Landis continued to hover over the world road cycling championships in Geelong after it was confirmed the American would appear at a Deakin University conference. The Melbourne 2010 organising committee immediately withdrew its support for the New Pathways for Professional […]

Landis to appear at anti-doping conference in Geelong

Floyd Landis will appear at a conference on doping in professional cycling in Geelong in the week of the world championships. The New Pathways for Professional Cycling conference will be held on September 27 and 28 at Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus in Geelong and Landis will be present to discuss the future of the sport with […]

The cancer in cycling

THIS week the cycling world again has been plunged into controversy after doping statements made by Floyd Landis. This is a further chapter in a saga that started with doping allegations in the Festina Tour of 1998. The allegations made by Floyd Landis this week raise issues that many people believe go to the heart […]